Dottie, 32, JUVéDERM® patient

"It's been a great alternative to surgery."

At just five years old, Dottie was badly bitten by a dog. She lost half of her bottom lip and gained a noticeable scar. "I had several plastic surgeries as a child and at least felt comfortable enough to be in public. But my lip and that scar have always bothered me," said Dottie.

When the experts at Cosmetic Center of Lake Norman told her about JUVéDERM® lip injections, she was skeptical but decided she would try it. "It was fabulous. Astonishing, actually," said Dottie. "I have a full set of lips, and the JUVéDERM® product softened my scar and made it less noticeable. My family and friends noticed a difference right away, but it's a very natural difference."

The injections last for six months to a year. Dottie has had the injections twice now, and she plans to continue to maintain the results. "To see the before and after photos was amazing. For me, lip injections have been a great alternative to surgery. I'm amazed that a noninvasive treatment can change my face structure and give me so much more confidence."

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